Custom Chime Tone

I have a Chime Pro. Whilst there are a few options for different chime tones, it would be great to have a custom tone option, so that I could add any short sound file to be triggered when my ring is pressed or motion detected.
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Custom chime for all devices would be great.

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Would really appreciate this as well. Please add!!!

I completely agree. This shouldn’t be too hard to add as an update either. When will this come out?

Totally agree! It obviously can be done because of the Halloween chimes that are put out there - please add!!

Use the phones native ringtones

The chime isn’t in my phone it’s a stand alone device. The phone tones can’t be uploaded to the chime.

Just installed Video 3. Excellent.

Same as original contributor, I want my own chime tone. Can’t be that difficult to add an mp3 file!

Same here-- custom chime tones, please!

Yes this is urgently needed. I hvae a Ring Doorbell and Chime at my mothers who has dementia. I really want to change the Chime tone to a customer sounds telling her to answer the door.

In the ideal world there would be time based profiles with the ability change the Chime tone for each profile. So you could hvae a general profile, weekend profile, Do Not Disturb profile, etc.

As others have commented this is not a hard feature to implement (unless your code is not architected correctly).

Yes please can we have this feature. It seems like something that should already be available but isn’t. Thanks

Please add this!

Please update the app to manage us to make our own Ring and Chime tones.

If Ring want to be assosiated with a modern and innovativ tech company, you really should get this fixed ASAP.

Reg Joesaeth.

Was searching for instructions for doing this and found this. Loading a custom tone or tune to Ring or Chime is what I would like to do. Please add this feature.

I totally agree, it would be nice to add custom ringtones…

Would also like to see a “Silent” option in Chime Tones for both Rings and Motions like you have for the Doorbell.

Totally agree. A premium priced like the RING product is should have the possiblity to upload your own ring tones. Most cheaper door bells can nowadays!

Fully agree. The stock tones are awful for a product this expensive. All I want is a normal bell sound rather than all this fancy stuff.

My dogs go straight into fight mode when the chimes go off.
I want to change it to a boxing ring bell.

Would love to have a larger variety of chimes. The ability to customize your chime tone would be amazing and fun especially like me who has twin grandkids who are 4 and is into Frozen and Marvel.