Custom Chime and Chirp Tones in the Ring App

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Does anyone at Ring even read these posts??? Or is it just a place for us to vent and no one at Ring is listening??

Did you search for your suggested feature in this forum before you posted yours?

Yes, if an item receives enough votes (typically multi-hundreds) then Ring might consider the suggestion.
Be aware, Ring never pre-releases any information on anything they are working on.

Hi @SYF. Please add your feedback and vote to the original feature request you linked to, since you are requesting the same feature. Making duplicate posts splits these votes and makes it harder for us to accurately gauge feedback on what features our neighbors want most. Whenever we have relevant information to share on a particular request or suggestion, we will share it in the appropriate thread. I’ll be closing this thread now so we do not have more duplicate requests. :slight_smile: