Current quick release battery specs for VideoDoorBell 3?

The original batteries I got with my VideoDoorBell-3 several years ago have a capacity of 22.046WattHrs. Has the current versions of this battery improved any?

Hi @jg167. I don’t have an exact capacity measurement, but you can find information on the Quick Release Battery on the product page here. This is a Lithium-Ion battery and it’s the same battery that came with your Video Doorbell 3.

Thanks. if “its the same battery that came with the VDB-3” then the real answer is “no, it has not improved” which is a bit disappointing but not unexpected. Given that this is only a repackaging of batteries not actual manufacture of them, I would hope you would stay a bit more up to date.

A recycling program (especially once you do offer a higher capacity product) would be nice as well since the packaging (as convenient as it is for use in the Ring products) will make recycling the internal batteries more difficult for general recyclers, if they do so at all.