Critical alerts for iOS!

When are going to add “Critical Alert” option for notifications in iOS? I’m so surprised this is not already an option!

I second this request

I’d like to add my name to this chorus. Critical alerts ( more importantly the ability to bypass Do Not Disturb on the iPhone ) for cameras, and not just the alarm is important.

Last night, there was someone at my front door in the middle of the night. Granted, it wasn’t a safety issue, but none the less, I needed my ring camera to by pass DO NOT DISTURB and notify me that someone was out there. If someone had been trying to break in, I would not have know until it was too late rather than having the ability to let them know I was watching and notify the police.

Please implement this as soon as possible for our protection.

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Pathetic! A useless security system when yiu need it. Google Searches that say there is this feature are totally inaccurate! Again, pathetic!

Yep - this company is an absolute JOKE!!! You google it or ask in their support section and it “gives you the solution” - yet it isn’t a solution at all. It relates solely to the alarms. So, 1) Why doesn’t it say that, to save you searching and searching, wasting time expecting to see these options, and 2) NOT JUST HAVE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!? It’s a security system. Why does it not have this feature? It’s literally ridiculous… So basically at the moment, I have to have my phone on “loud” all the time… So I get woken up constantly throughout the night by emails, texts from people I couldn’t care less about, and “screen time reports”. Good god, please. What is wrong with these people!? Literally 0 point in having this system unless you’re up for being woken up all night every night.

Not a word from the developers. Won’t be installing Ring devices in my other properties. What a load of rubbish, honestly

Thank you for this feature request, neighbors! As mentioned previously in this thread, at this time, the best way to emphasize your Ring app alerts will be through your mobile device volume preferences and the Ring app alert tones options for your Ring devices. For Alarm users, there is indeed a feature for receiving emergency alerts in Do Not Disturb mode.

As we want to ensure that our neighbors have a solution for anything, if you prefer to keep your mobile device silent, I recommend the use of a Ring Chime/ Chime Pro, or even integrating with an Alexa enabled device.

As always, consider this feedback shared with our teams here! Thanks again, neighbors. :slight_smile:

I really think you need to allow the user to get critical alerts from their cameras. The purpose of the outdoor cameras and doorbells is to warn us but we get no warning when our phone is in do not disturb. These could be critical seconds before someone try’s to break in that would allow the home owner to react. Without this warning we don’t get anything until they are breaking in. Please consider adding camera motion alerts to the critical alerts!

I don’t get it - all the advice points to Menu>settings>notifications in the app - but that doesn’t exist!?

How do I enable critical alerts on iOS

Hi, is this not the iOS setting?

On my iPhone, it does NOT show “Allow Critical Alerts”, it is simply “Allow Notifications”. I don’t know what you are looking at, and, my iPhone is always up-to-date.

From what I’ve read, the Critical Alert for iOs is only there for Ring Alarms, not for doorbells and cams. I definitely want it for my doorbell.