Creating ALEXA routines for RING Spotlight Cam Pro

I want to create a routine for Alexa which will enable me to say “Alexa, turn off motion detection” (or something similar) as well as other routines such as switch on motion detection once my security panel has been set (not a RING device but registered with Alexa).

However, when I get to the “actions” part of creating my routine, I find that my RING Security Camera is shown but ‘greyed out’ with text beneath the icon that says “This device is not currently supported”. As all RING cameras are listed as supported by Alexa, I am somewhat puzzled and thinking that there is something I have not set up properly.

I CAN control the camera, eg. “Alexa, talk to Ring Camera” so there is some communication going on. I have disabled and re-enabled the RING skill but things are still the same - unable to create any routine which interacts with my new RING camera.

Hi @Alzibiff. You can create a Routine in the Alexa app with a Ring Doorbell or Camera action as the trigger, but you cannot control the Camera or Doorbell through Routines the way you are describing. For example, you could create a Routine to have Alexa say or do something when motion is detected at your Camera. For more information on Alexa Routines, check out this Help Center article.