Create an event?

So someone stole my bicycle from the garage last night. I can see this by watching footage from that time because a ring “event” never registered. The 36" door to garage is directly across from the ring camera and our front door. At 1:30 the outdoor lights came on (motion detector). Then suddenly that 36" door is open. A few seconds later the light inside the garage is on. The main garage door never goes up. About 10 minutes later all the lights cease. At no time did I see a person or a bike. It is so strange. So I would like to save that section of video to show others but because there was no event registered, I don’t know how to do that. Any ideas?

Hey @Pierce2. Are you able to take a screen recording on your phone? You could record the screen of your phone as you look through your history to show this lapse in time, even though there is no event. Once you have clicked through the right screens while your screen is being recorded on your phone, you can end the screen recording and attach that video to your post to use! Let me know if this works out and sounds like a good idea. :slight_smile:

So how do you post a video that’s not an event? I only have text boxes. I can’t see how to attach a video.

@Pierce2 Please see my attached screenshot and you will see you need to click on Library and then that will pull up your camera roll. As long as the video/photo is in your camera roll, you should be able to attach it here as long as the file is not too large.

I don’t know where that screen came from. Safety? I can find no library button.

@Pierce2 I went into the Ring app > Main Menu > Dashboard > Nearby Incidents > New Post (bottom right) > I picked safety, but it makes you pick from a list of what the alert is > Continue > And then I got to the page for a new post. Could you let me know what happens to you when you try to make a new post?