Create a combined system for intruder and fire alarm

I currently have a ‘visitor alert’ system consisting of :-

Alexa video station
Ring video doorbell (Mk 1)
Ring indoor camera (Mk 1)

I now want to replace my defunct wired intruder alarm and smoke/fire alarm with a combined Ring system. I need full functionality on both aspects as well as integration with my current Ring system.

I think that I can achieve the visitor and intruder integration by buying a Ring Alarm pack L with siren (£289.99 ) and combining it with my existing one.

Firstly, could you please confirm that this would work?

Secondly, how can I add both smoke and fire/CO sensors to the resulting system and control it all through Alexa and the Ring App on my Apple iPhone 12? (I could use third party sensors if they would link)

I would want to achieve alerting me both at home and when I am away for intruder or fire alerts.

Can you help please?

Hi @user79903. The Ring Alarm system sounds like a great fit for what you are trying to accomplish. You can find information on the Ring Alarm here.