Cracked glass

My ring doorbell cover has a lot of cracks that have developed on the glass. While it appears to current not hamper the view I believe that it may eventually affect the performance and or break the camera due to moisture. Can I get a replacement glass? I have the extra covers but they don’t have the glass. The photos attached were taken a couple of weeks ago there are more cracks now. Thank you

Hey @RRSawh. Thank you for showing us pictures of what they looks like! If you could, please give our support team a call to ensure you are still within warranty, as the device itself will need to be replaced in this situation.

For that support, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. Let me know how this call goes! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Chelsea_Ring and @RRSawh this is brilliant as my Pro Doorbell has done the same and I thought I had left a plastic cover on!
Mine is around a year old.
I will call the support line to discuss.

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I have same problem. My retailer is sending me a replacement unit so I have two questions.

Will I have any problem taking off the old doorbell and replacing with the new one if i am leaving all other components in place?

Secondly. Can i put a cover or a case over the glass to Protect this from happening again? I have a south facing door and it’s in direct sunlight all afternoon.

Hi @MMart72, glad we could help! Hope the call with our support team went well.

Hey @Lain_coubert, happy to help answer your questions! You should be able to completely take off the Doorbell you currently have installed (after taking out the security screws and following the proper set up). Once installed, I recommend seeing if you could bring a cover or case to go over the glass to help protect it! You can even purchase a glass protector for a phone (just an idea) and see if you can cut it to the size needed for the Doorbell. Once done, install it and if you do something DIY, please share it here! Sharing your example can help other neighbors that may run into this, and want to have a preventative measure for future. :slight_smile:

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The phone glass is a mm idea I could try. But better still is a purpose built case, does ring offer these?

Yeah the physical installation will be easy, I’m just wondering how easy the new doorbell will connect to my chime and app or if the set up process needs to start from scratch.


@Lain_coubert Ring does not offer these, but it’s a great idea! I will make sure to pass on this feedback to the appropriate teams so we can look into having this for the future for our devices. Let me know if you get anything DIY sorted out! Would love to see pictures and references to what you use for it.

The process should be simple for you! If you have a Chime Pro, ensure that is setup and online first, as your Doorbell Pro will then ask to connect to that network when setting it up in the app. Let me know if you have any troubles, I’m happy to help. :slight_smile:

Yeah the existing set up works perfectly, I just need the actual doorbell to change, so hopefully it will programme in to the existing chime which is currently in situ.

Cheers, be in touch tomorrow after I’ve done it

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Chaa a thing it was easy. I replaced the doorbell and the chime and deleted the old doorbell and chime off the app.

I have a notification now though telling me I need to subscribe to have my recordings stored but I already have this and pay every month for the doorbell I just removed.

How do I get the subscription to recognise the new doorbell please?

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@Lain_coubert Awesome news! Glad the setup was nice and easy for you. It may be asking you to subscribe to ensure that you have a plan to cover your device after the Plus Trial for the new device is over in 30 days. No worries, you just need to cancel the plan you had for the old Doorbell, and then make a new plan for the new Doorbell. If you paid for the yearly subscription, you should get the money back for the months you didn’t use on the old device. You can learn more about adjusting your plan here. If you cannot adjust the plan online, you can have it done easily over the phone!

For phone support, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

@chelsea_ring thanks for this. Unfortunately call didn’t go well as I had network issues. I am trying again tomorrow. If not I will return to Costco.

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I have the same issue, after spending over an hour on the phone i was told they can do nothing. I have bought the original ring doorbell (which worked great) and then upsold on the ring doorbell pro right when it first came out. I have also purchased a security cam and two other rindg doorbells for gifts and fundraisers. I was shocked to hear there is absolutley nothing they can do except sell me another doorbell Pro at a 35% discount. This is absolutly a poor component design and can easily be fixed with better glass/plastic and refurbished and resold, but that was not even offered. i am shocked RING does not stand behind their products. The spanish speaking attendant was polite but extremly hard to understand and only tried to upsell me on services that had nothing to do with the issue i was having. I cannot be more dissatisfied and will make sure to write as many reviews as i can on the Pro. I am not sure why I would buy it again anyway just for the same exact thing to happen.

David M Haubert

My Pro also has distorted glass and difficult to see through the lens. This is my second Pro and unfortunately if Ring will not replace i will be forced to use the Waze Cameras. I purchased 2 already and very satisfied for the money. Camera is clearer than the ring.

This happened to mine as well. They’re very delicate cracks that come in from the edges. After giving it some thought, I’m wondering if this is caused by disinfectant. Since the pandemic, we’ve wiped down all door knobs, light switches and also door bells. We discovered the plastic on the light switches have all started cracking to some degree. I’m wondering if it’s the Lysol or Clorox we use.

Same issue here – started to notice a little bit of distortion in the video about a month or so ago, and just thought it was sun glare. Now there are a few cracks near the camera lens, causing the same distortion, but worse. Based on what is posted here and a bunch of other posts on other sites, this is a COMMON ISSUE that Ring won’t provide any support for once you are out of warranty. Well, they’ll provide a 35% off coupon to buy a new unit at full price for a small part that should be able to be replaced/repaired for a few dollars.

SORRY RING – THIS LEFT ME VERY DISAPPOINTED, and my wife has been bugging me for the floodlights for the driveway that are $250 (and another $3/month). I was thinking about buying them since they’d be part of the same infrastructure, but not now I think I’ll be looking for a different system…

Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, not going to happen!

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My Ring Elite looks like this now, its starting to really distort my video quality at certain times of the day. Spent $500 on this when it launched. Anything I can do other than spend another $350?

Ring will no longer replace devices with cracked glass. Cracked button, yes, but not cracked glass. I was just told this by a CSR. This was after I was told “The device might be damage due to extreme weather condition and product life spand.” Sorry, Ring. This device has not been damaged by severe weather, just normal use.

So let this be a warning to those who are looking to purchase from this company. They put out a product that they know will be damaged under normal use, and will not replace it. They expect their customers to purchase new devices every two or so years at a slight discount (they’ll send you a code to do it).

My glass in cracked, was looking for a replacement,. Is the only alternative to buy new unit. It is still functioning but has a glare

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