Could not get 2 Ring Chime Pro gen2's to connect to 5 GHz wifi

Tried setting up 2 Ring Chime Pro gen2’s to connect to my 5GHz wifi. They would only detect & connect to my 2.4 GHz wifi. During setup they both detected (7-8) surrounding 2.4 GHz networks including mine but neither could detect my 5 GHz network. I tried manually setting up my 5 GHz wifi network on both Chime Pro’s using the correct network name & password but setup failed every time, so I’d reset them & try again to no avail. My Ring Doorbell’s only use 5 GHz , find & connect to it w/ out issue. Since I only use the 5 GHz wifi these Chime Pro’s have proven useless only operating at 2.4 GHz. I’ve returned both Chime Pro gen2’s since they couldn’t connect to 5 GHz wifi as advertised. Anyone else have this issue w/ the latest generation 2 Ring Chime Pro’s? Any work arounds to get them to connect to 5 GHz wifi networks that I could have tried? Thanks for any suggestions.

I just had a similar situation but with the Ring Pro 2 that wouldn’t connect to my 5Ghz network.

After speaking with Ring it turns out that the new Ring Pro 2 seems to have a specific issue concerning channels <100 on 5GHz. So once I changed my routers channel number to over 100 it connected to 5GHz first time.

I’m not saying this is the same identical issue, but it might me worth a try.

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Thanks for your reply Jaypr. The odd thing is that my Ring Video doorbells I’ve tried & installed (Video Doorbell Pro 2 & Video Doorbell 3 Plus) haven’t had any issues finding and connecting to my 5 GHz wifi network. Only the 2 Ring Chime Pro Gen 2’s didn’t automatically locate or connect manually to my 5 GHz wifi network during setup? No matter how many times I tried plugging into different outlets they would only connect to my routers 2.4 GHz wifi network & resetting them or attempting to manually connect them to my 5GHz wifi failed every time. I used the correct wifi network name & password but no luck. I’m trying to improve the RSSI value to Doorbells that are setup using 5 GHz wifi for better video quality but the Chime Pro’s only connected to 2.4 GHz wifi despite claiming Dual band capability? I live in a townhouse surrounded by neighbors all w/ wifi so maybe that’s why the 2 Chime Pro’s could only locate my 2.4 GHz wifi as well as about 7-8 of my closest neighbors but not my 5 GHz wifi.

Hi @jongri. Have your tried adjusting the ports and protocols on your router? This could be prohibiting the connection to the 5GHz network. You can find out more in this Help Center article here. If this doesn’t resolve your concern, reach out to our support team to look into this further, as there may be secondary adjustments that need to be made.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Hi Tom_Ring thanks for your suggestion. My router is an Xfinity X1 Modem/Router all in one. Unfortunately, unlike a stand alone router it doesn’t offer ability to manually adjust ports & protocols as a separate stand alone router plugged into to a standard separate modem set up would. I think my issue w/ the 2 Chime Pro’s is b/c I live in a townhouse and during set up they would only pickup my 2.4 GHz wifi as well as 7-8 of my closest neighbors wifi as well but not my 5 GHz wifi. Once they fill up w/ my & neighbors 2.4 GHz wifi networks they wouldn’t continue auto searching for more surrounding networks and only offered a manual setup option which always failed connection to my 5 GHz wifi network. Resetting them and restarting the setup had same results every time. I find it odd though that my Video Doorbells easily locate both of my wifi networks during setup & connect to my 5 GHz wifi w/out issues?