Costco Doorbell 2 ProtectPlus

I couldn;t fin any 800 number or chat support on this. I sent an email to only to get an automated message they can;t provide email support due to covid. I currently have Protectplus existing subscription valid until January 2021. I bought the Video Doorbell 2 from Cotco with Protectplaus 12 months included. How I extend my Protectplus subsription date using the Costco purchase?

As I added the Costco Doorbell the plan says in Trial period and trial starts 05/25/2021 than extending current coverage I had to 12 months as It supposed to do

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I am thinking about to buy the doorbell from Costco too.

So it means you could still save $100, just not now but 12 months later (assume you still use ring)? Is that right?