Cord issue for pan/tilt stick up cam

I purchased a stick up cam+swivel pan/tilt mount from Ring. The intended use is for indoors. This thing came with two white cables, both of which need to be attached in the middle with a very bulky adapter. There is no way to simply attach one of the cords from the camera to the power outlet. One needs to actually attach both cables together and then you can attach the camera to the power outlet. The total cable length at this point is over 22 feet. One of the cables has the part that attaches to the camera or the mount but the end of this cable does not end with a plug. It needs to be attached to the second cable which is about 15 feet, and that one ends with a plug. I called tech support twice and emailed them a picture and they told me it was completely normal that I should be sitting in my home with a 22 foot cable attached to this camera. Frankly, I don’t believe it and I hope that somebody on this site can help me with what happened here. There must be some mistake but I can’t convince them about this at Ring.

Hi @idoc. You should be able to detach the cables and use the adapter with the barrel plug. There’s a hidden plug, which is usually tucked in by default, that you can pull out. It should look like the picture below.