Convert solar panel

My inlaws bought a previous version of Ring security cameras that came with solar panels. The old Ring panels had a micro usb connector that plugged into the back of the cameras. We moved and took the cameras with us, but since they dont remember what email address was used to set them up, Ring has told them they cant use them anymore.
We bought them new Ring Stick up cameras that have solar panel connectivity. However, the new panels connect via a barrel connector, not micro usb. I read somewhere the connector is 2.1mm, so I bought on a female micro usb to 2.1mm barrel connector on Amazon, but the barrel doesn’t fit in the back of the camera. Anyone know either the width of the barrel or have a link to purchase a connector?

That should be an easy one to sort…Ring’s answer seems to be way-off! Was that answer from Rings call center in the Philipines?

I’m still using a couple original stick-up cams with a Micro usb solar panel and a couple of Gen 2 with the original panels.

One panel failed…and a new barrel connector version is enroute…so I will be following your post…Micro Solar USB versions are still available…but I would just chop the cable and wire on a new micro USB :wink: if I had to…

Did you ever figure this out? I am in a smiliar situation…

Called the support. They dont have an connector. and now its out of 30 days period so they cannot refund. There is no documentation. They just to take money from the customer.

There is an adapter at Amazon - Item number: B07G5DS6J4

I have the same problem and hope this will be the solution.


please keep us updated on this, would love to be able to reuse the old solar panels i have with the newer stick ups

The current solar panels use a 1.35mm plug. I bought a female 1.35mm to 2.1mm male and then a 2.1mm male to micro USB adapter.

Assuming your inlaws still had the Ring app installed when they moved, they could have looked under “Account” and their email address would be listed. Might have saved them some time and money.

Did this work for you?

I had the same issue. Thanks to the posters who never circled back to let everyone know if whatever they tried worked or not. Here is what I did and it works perfectly! The new Ring Stick-up cams uses a 1.35 mm plug which is 3.5 mm long, but it’s impossible to find a female Micro USB to 1.5 mm male adapter. You have to buy 2 parts: a USB 2.0 Female to Micro USB female cable, and a male USB to 3.5 mm x 1.35 mm male adapter. On Amazon, I bought a " YCS Basics 9 Inch USB 2.0 A Female to Micro B Female Extension Cable" (Brand: YCS) and a " DC 3.5 mm/1.35 mm USB Charger Power Cable 5 Volt DC Barrel Jack Power Cable 1M" cable (Brand: maichuang). For less than $13, everything works great! Good luck!

DC 3.5 x 1.35 MM Female - Micro USB Male Power Cable Length 20cm,1 PCS/Pack (2 Type)

Will this work

The Ring Stick Up Cam (2nd & 3rd Generations) take a 1.35mm barrel style charging connector. You can buy a Micro USB female to 1.35mm male cable adapter that works with the old style Ring solar panel to charge the new Stick up Cam, it can be found here:

did it work for you. I have a 1st gen stick up cam and I think my solar panel is dead. they only sell solar panels for gen 2 and 3 now so I need this type of adapter - I guess.