Convert a battery doorbell to a hard wired one

I have a Ring Video Doorbell 3 plus, which is a battery one. I have just bought and fitted a power adaptor, so that it is now hard wired and not battery. My question is - how do I update the app to convert it from battery to hard wired ?

Hi @04abbbe013bf1e58a600cd16a3574e. Did you purchase the Ring Plug-In Adapter from our website, or a different 3rd party adapter? If it’s not the Ring Plug-In Adapter, we can’t guarantee that it will work properly and provide your Doorbell with appropriate wired power.

Good evening

I did purchase a genuine ring adapter. I purchased it from Amazon rather than directly from yourself as they offered next day delivery and free P + P. You did not.

It came in a genuine ring box and the plug has ‘ring’ stamped on it.

I have installed the adapter and the app is now showing that it is ‘hardwired’ but it is also showing that there is a battery. After several days the battery power is now 0% and the hardwiring doesn’t appear to have taken over from the battery as it’s power source.

I now have no power to the ring doorbell at all and it is not working.

If I take the battery out completely and leave it out, will the hardwire adapter start powering the doorbell automatically ??

The front of the cover of the doorbell doesn’t stay on, if I leave the battery out of the doorbell. Is there a way to fix the cover on without the battery in situ ?

I would appreciate your help please.

Thank you

It looks like you have everything setup correctly here. The messaging you are seeing in the app is due to a display issue with the app software. This will not affect the normal operation of your Ring Plug-in Adapter or your Ring Video Doorbell. Find out more in this Help Center article about the Plug-In Adapter. :slight_smile:

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