Control Yale Z-Wave Lock from SmartThings and Ring

  1. Can you control a Z-Wave Yale Lock from both SmartThings hub and Ring?

I installed the SmartThings hub so I can change Yale lock access code remotely through SmartThings App. I am able to change the access codes fine remotely from SmartThings app now but in the process lost connection to Yale lock with Ring App though.

  1. Is there a way you change Yale Lock access code remotely through the Ring App?

Hi @ak_dav10. For the Z-Wave lock, it can only be connected to one hub at a time. Therefore, connecting it to the SmartThings Hub will disconnect it from the Ring Alarm Base Station’s hub and vice versa. When you set up a lock through Ring Alarm, you will be able to change the access codes remotely, as it’s going to be the same code you use for your keypad. Once the lock is set up, you can change the codes under the main menu in the app > Settings > Users > and then select the user accordingly that you would like to reset the access code for. Hope this helps clear it up for you! :slight_smile: