Control multiple floor lamps through a single switch?

Hi! I’m in a quest to try and figure out how I can get my four floor lamps (some could be dimmable, some are not) to be turned on/off, or even dimmed simultaneously with a single wireless switch (not through my phone). Browsing for hours online has given me a headache. I see that Leviton has plug-in dimmers that work with Ring, but I couldn’t see any plug-in controllers (whether a dimmer switch or an on/off button).

Can anybody help me figure it out? So many hubs out there, you’d expect this to be easier.


Hi @rien. You can find a list of the different devices that work with Ring on our website here. I’d also recommend checking out our Help Center Article on Works With Ring devices here to learn more about what features are available and how they work. I hope you find this information helpful! :slight_smile: