Control lights on camera through Modes settings

Would be nice to be able to turn off the motion detection for a period of time for the flood light not to turn on for the ring installed on a back patio other than turning off the power or an option to just turn off the light feature because even with Turning off the motion zone it still turns on


Agree completely!

Excited about Modes. Would be nice to have a setting to disable all motion lights with one click. Especially just for “x” number of hours, so don’t have to remember to turn back on.
The reason is at night, enjoying back yard, the lights continually come on/go off. Quite a nuisance. Would be great to have the ability to turn off with one button.

I ha e the same request. The family sits outside around sunset most night. We have have to manually kill power to the flood light to prevent it from blasting us all evening and often forget to turn the power back on when we go inside.

You have a lights on schedule already, I’m sure many users would like a lights off function added to that same setting page.

Please do this.

Went through your support desk and only thing they could show me was how to turn it on via schedule.

Killing the power really isn’t an option.


I am looking for this feature as well. I want to be able to schedule when motion detection flood lights are active. For example, I do not want motion detection to turn on flood lights from sunset to 10pm. After 10pm, the motion detection flood lights would start turning on when motion is detected.

This one has baffled me since we first set up our ring system. I would like for my cameras to continue detecting motion and recording at all times; however, I do not want the motion lights to function while the system is in disarmed mode. That is, I want the spotlight to turn on upon detecting motion at night—but only when we are either not home and or are in for the night, and have armed the alarm. When the system is disarmed, I do not need the motion-activated light to be operational at all (because we’re constantly in and out of the backyard).

I can’t imagine that there’s a technical barrier here…

I see what you are saying and could see the value in this. So under “Light Scheduling”, you would first select a mode, and then that schedule would hinge on whatever mode you ultimately had the camera set for. Makes sense.

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I understand this has been asked for repeatedly but I will ask again. I want the ability to temporarily disable motion lights at night. I want to be able to sit in my back patio in the dark to enjoy the outside without the lights coming on every time I move.

Modes is no help with this. I have learned I can disable motion zones for lights through a many step process but then have to remember to reverse that process when I am done outside. It’s easier to just unplug the camera and then to set an alarm to remind me to plug it back in again.

I want a simple one step process just like we have with alerts and then the system would automatically revert back to normal operating mode after some predestined period of time. Thanks.

I mocked this up,

Enhance “Snooze motion on all cameras” Mockup

Refer to this new feature request. This would allow you to snooze any combination of motion alerts, recording and/or lights. As with the existing “Motion Snooze” functionality, this could be applied to all devices or on a per-device basis. Let me know what you think.

This is a feature that should have been enabled by now. Every time I use pool at night I don’t need floodlight cams coming on when I move.

Please give us this feature asap!

When setting my mode to ‘disarm’ and turning Motion Detection Off, there should be an option to include the lights as part of the mode.
People might be using a backyard to show a movie, or star gaze, or otherwise wish to stop recording video but also prevent the lights from turning on.

Same functionality has been requested multiple times for snooze (Let Me Turn Off or Snooze Motion Lights on Outdoor Camera)

Please add the ability to control the motion lights in the mode settings area. Since rings flood light motion is so terrible (spider webs, rain, bugs, all set the lights off) we disable them when we are home. Would love to be able to turn light motion on through modes when we are away.