Control Floodlight Lighting for xx mins

It would be nice if we could force the Floodlight cam to either keep lights on for xx mins on demand, or keep them from coming on for xx mins. We have a fire pit in the vision of our cameras and I’d like to either have them on for 2 hours or stop any lights for 2 hours on demand, just like snooze.


Agreed. My Floodlight cams are hardwired to a circuit without a switch. There needs to be an easy way to prevent motion from trigger the lights instead of going 2 menus deep to lighting settings.

This is an issue when doing activities in your yard after dark when you want it to stay dark… Fire pits, yard camping, night games, star gazing for example.

Yeah I absolutely need this or else I’m gonna have to shut a breaker off every time I wanna have a firepit night.

Absolutely agree with this. So frustrating to have to go into zones and turn off each zone while doing fire pit or something outside where you want the sensors to remain off. I was even thinking the quick control to turn lights on or off has a toggle below it to lock that function. However, I like your idea of turning on/off for xx minutes. Very surprised this is not figured out.