Continuous video recording

Are you ever going to offer full 24/7 video recording for devices that don’t have batteries? I have the Ring Doorbell Pro and Floodlight Pro. Both should easily be able to record 24/7. Would love to have that feature instead of relying on snapshots.

@exworld Question comes up all the time on the forum. Ring is not designed or marketed to do this. Its an alerts based system its not a full blown CCTV system. All Ring data is stored in the cloud and even live view goes via the cloud. Any 24/7 recording would be continually using your internet connection as well as require much more storage on the AWS servers Ring runs off of (ie they would charge you more for it). A full blown CCTV system with IP cams has the video server locally in the form of an NVR which can then be accessed remotely if needed from an app etc. Yes there are some solutions which provide cloud storage for recording but none of them are as good as a proper NVR based solution. I think the thing to keep in mind is that Ring is not a CCTV system.

This all makes sense, but competitors like Nest has been able to get continuous recording to work, I know a few nest users and love the feature with little caveats/issues. Not sure how Google got around continuously sending video feed to their hosted storage location (maybe hold the video in a local storage cache then sending it periodically?).

That’s the great thing about technology, there are creative ways to get things done (I am an AWS cloud engineer, so I actually experience these types of creativity daily) but either way, it’s doable.

I am close to deciding to migrate to Nest, solely for the purpose of having a 24/7 recording, as I too (with other users), have missed vital footage due to Ring’s motion detection not picking things up.

Only thing that is stopping me is the Ring Alarm system, with great services such as the flood and mailbox sensors.