Continuous recording when Motion stops

Ring cameras are annoying as they miss activity over 30 seconds. Recording should start when motion detected and only stop after 30 seconds when last motion seen. Even if that means there has been motion on my camera for 5 minutes. If the criminals knew the weaknesses of the ring camera they would wait 30 seconds before committing crime as they will not be captured doing the crime after that.


Yes! This drives me crazy! Thank you for posting this

YES YES YES! 30 seconds in insufficient so often!

My Stick-up Cams Plug-In 2nd Generation, all mounted outside, before were all recording motion-activations for 30 seconds, but now I’ve recently noticed that they all record for a maximum of 20 seconds! Has anyone else noticed this or is this just happening to my Stick-Up cams? Even with “People Only Mode” motion detection toggled ON or OFF, the maximum motion-activated recording is now only 20 seconds. What’s going on?

My car was recently stolen and there is a 30 second outage between every end and start of motion recordings. It renders Ring absolutely useless without continuous recording uninterrupted.

They need an option for the Basic service to disable motion recording and just have live DVR as it records when there is no motion. How is that I can see the trees blow and leaves fly in the wind, moon and sun go across the sky second by second with downloadable options for particular clips, but when motion comes into the mix, Ring is 100% flawed. The motion recording that Ring builds its sales model around does not actually work at all.

Frustrated customer that hoped to have to device operate when I needed it most.