Contact Sensors - Tampered and False Alarms

My alarm system went off last night while we were asleep and terrified us. It was triggered because my system was set to “Home” mode and one of my contact sensors registered as “tampered” suddenly. There was nothing in the area to have accidentally hit the sensor and caused this to happen. I reviewed history and saw that there were a couple times in the last week or so that this sensor registered as “tampered”, luckily while the system was unarmed.

From what I can tell - if a contact sensor is “tampered” while in Home or Away settings - it will immediately trigger the entire alarm system.

It would be nice if we could have more customizable alarm settings. I understand wanting to provide an alert that a sensor may have been tampered with. However, this sensor is on the inside of my home so I am not worried about a potential burglar tampering with the device. If a burglar is tampering with the device, he is already in my home and the alarm would have already been triggered. More customizable settings (and even modes) would be greatly appreciated in the future. From what I’ve gathered, there are issues with contact sensors suddenly registering as “tampered” all the time which really makes me worried about setting my alarm.