Connectivity with Ring beyond house wifi

Our Ring Pro is set up (hardwired) and works well. I have done the tests for wifi strength, all is good in that respect. If we leave the house and go beyond our wifi notifications to my phone will not work. I get the doorbell ring but it will not go live.

Any clues why not?


I’m suffering the same have deleted the app etc but still have the same

If it was me I would reset the ring doorbell rather than the app itself if you don’t need any of the recordings delete the address and start again but it just sounds like you haven’t set up the doorbell to your particular phone and maybe you have the app with the IP address not available but when you are on Wi-Fi in the house they are obviously part of the same network. If you don’t have any saved recordings that you need to keep I would literally delete everything not just the app and account reset the doorbell completely and start from Fresh

Hey there, neighbours. With notifications and video working on your mobile devices, while at home and connected to wifi, the Video Doorbell is likely connecting to your wifi network as intended. If you try answering an event while at home, but with wifi on your mobile device turned off and only using mobile data, does video still connect?

Some mobile data carriers or plans might not enable video streaming. The best way to test this is to test another video streaming service, such as facetime or, while on away from home. Feel free to update us on your results! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the very good suggestions. I will give them a go and feed back

Thanks for the suggestions, some other checks have been suggested and if all else fails I will be doing a complete reset.