Was wondering what’s best base station to router via Ethernet or WiFi. I’ve noticed that periodically my WiFi will jump to cellular and back multiple times during the day then stop only to happen again some other time during the following week or two. Could it be that my router is on the floor above my base station or could I rectify the problem with another extender.

The best way is a straight cable connection.

Our base station is direct connect via ethernet wire to our internet modem. At least 3 times a day–at random times like 1:42am–we’ll get a notification that our Ring is running on cellular backup. Usually this lasts 3 minutes, but sometimes has run on cellular backup for an hour or so. Our landline and internet sometimes goes out as well during this period, but not always. My husband wants to purchase a new modem to see if that solves the problems, but I don’t as we didn’t seem to have internet issues before installing the Ring a few months ago. What else could be causing us to flip to cellular backup? Bad Ring base station?