Connection to alexa doesnt work

My ring doorbell was connected and working fine with my alexas and now all of a sudden ita stipped working. In my alexa app it says that the ring doorbell is connected but it doesnt do anything. Also when someone rings the doorbell we dont hear it on our phones

Another post mentions the Ring Skill in the UK is no longer available and that Amazon has confirmed this.
Seems odd as Ring and Amazon are basically one and the same. Also seems that the item is being mis-sold on Amazon if it’s true as it states “Works with Alexa” on the listings.

Ring; any information on this please?

Hi @user74237. If your Ring Skill has stopped working with your Alexa devices, try disabling it in the Alexa app to see if it helps. This Help Center page will show you how to do so. As for your notifications on your phone from the Ring app, if they are not working, this Help Center page will show you how to troubleshoot them for Android, and this page is for iOS. If you are still having the same concern after trying these steps, reach out to our support team for further assistance. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

Hi @user63814. I have responded to this post here that is related to your concern about the Ring Skill being removed from the Alexa app for neighbors in the UK.

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