Connecting to a Samsung TV

I’m trying to connect my Samsung TV which is a 2020 65 "Q60T QLED QE65Q60TAUXXU 4K HDR To a RING PRO Video doorbell so I can view myfront door.

I have the smart things app, enabled the skill and can view it on my Alexa Show display.

When I give the command for Alexa to show the RING PRO, the wording comes up on the screen as showing RING PRO, but no actual video.

Amazon states that the Ring pro should connect to a fire TV, or to later Samsung TVs. I think my TV is compatible, not really sure.

Any advice in this matter would be much appreciated

I have the same problem. The ring video does not show up in smartthings on my phone either since migrating to the new app

I suppose next stop is Samsung support. I’ve also posted same message on RING community forum, but no replies yet.

Sorry Samsung forum

Hey neighbors. I found the following information on a Samsung support community. I realize that this is for a Samsung fridge, but the content is still relevant.

"First, I would recommend clearing the app cache using by going into your Fridge’s settings and going to Apps -> Storage -> Apps > Ring -> Clear Cache.

Check for software updates.

Tap Apps , tap Settings and then tap About Family Hub to look for software updates. If one is available, you can update the Family Hub from this page.

Check for app updates.

Tap Apps , and then check if the affected app has an arrow icon next to it. This indicates that the app needs an update.

To update it, either tap the app and install the update or enable Automatic Update at the top of the Apps screen. If Automatic Update is enabled, apps will check for updates at 7 a.m. every morning.

Factory Reset.

Navigate to the Settings screen, scroll down, and select Factory Data Reset. On the Factory Data Reset page is a list of which data will be erased. Press Reset."

Let me know if this is beneficial!

I’m also trying to get live view working through my SmartThings setup. I’ve got a spotlight battery cam and live view doesnt work on the ST app on either my iphone or my brand new Samsung tv. I’ve also tested on a second iphone so I dont believe this is anything to do with locally cached data preventing this. I should point out, live view is working perfectly from the cam via the Ring app and I’m successfully using the motion detection in ST so I’m fairly sure this should be working.
This posting on the SmartThings forum suggests Ring support can fix this. I will log a ticket with them on Monday but if anyone else has info, please post on this thread.

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hey evryone,
we wanted it also on our sony bravia, at the moment ring works with amazon alexa and not with google assistant home or what…
We think the EU and US government should create a general standard platform in which every doorbell company should comply with, then when you purchase one, this would be okay, and this mesh would be not any more
thank for your attention

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