Connecting Chime pro to Alexa

I am trying to connect the useless chime pro to amazon Alexa. At least I’d be able to create routines with it. However I search for devices and I dont find it.
Can anyone help?
Chime pro description on Amazon was that it extends the coverage for Ring devices. That’s a false statement that was revised by Amazon after I bought to extends coverage of ring cameras and doorbells.
I bought it because I wanted an additional speaker for when my ring alarm sounds + I wanted to extend the signal of the ring alarm… It does neither. Connecting it to Alexa however would allow me to create schedules making it a bit more useful

Can the ring alarm when alarming be a trigger to launch an Alexa routine.
IE when someone breaks in, the ring alarm would set-off I would like to use that as a trigger to turn on the lights.
The only triggers I see is when I arm or disarm the alarm but these are useless triggers.

Hi @Maherg. First, I would like to clarify that the Chime Pro is not compatible with the Ring Alarm system. It is designed to act as a wifi extender for Ring Doorbells or Cameras, and it can also play alert tones for motions or rings from those Doorbells or Cameras. This is why it cannot play a chime tone for any Alarm components, as it’s not compatible with the system.

Additionally, the Chime Pro cannot be integrated with Alexa at this time. You can find a list of which devices are supported by Alexa, and which Alexa devices are supported by Ring in our Help Center Article here. I hope this helps answer your questions, and you can find more articles on Ring and Alexa here as well.