Connecting 4 loops to 1 zone on retrofit kit

I am planning to move my existing, wired system over to ring using retrofit kits. It has 26 loops and the resistors are all at the panel.

I would like to simplify things down to 16 zones so that I will only need 2 retrofit kits. I’ve outlined below how I plan to do this – is there any reason this won’t work? Does anyone see any issues / concerns with doing this that I might have missed?

Thanks in advance for your help and feedback!


  • All entry doors would remain on a separate zone.
  • Multiple windows in the same room would be connected to a single zone.
  • Loops will be merged in series at the panel, with only 1 resistor for the entire loop.
  • No more than 4 loops would be merged into a single zone.

Hi @marcaronson408. I can’t speak on whether or not your specific installation will work, but I’d recommend reviewing the installation steps for the Ring Retrofit Kit here so you know what that process looks like. You can find more resources on the Retrofit Kit in our Help Center as well. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring, thank you for those links. I’ve read the articles and watched the YouTube video. My hunch is that it will be fine as long as total resistance on the loop is no higher than 5200 ohms, but I am hoping to hear from someone who has already attempted doing the same thing.

It would be great if there was someone from Ring who could provide a perspective on this.



A quick update.

I have confirmed that it works with 2 loops wired in series with 1 resistor. I suspect that any reasonable number of loops can be connected together, as the measured resistance in the wire itself is negligible.


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