connect wired floodlight to hub without a qr code or box

so frustrating. Bought a wired floodlight. Can’t connect to the app without a hub. Bought a hub a week later and now I can’t connect it to the app because I don’t have the box and thus no QR code. Such horribe instructions. How can I get this connected to the app/hub?

Hey there, @mike_s! While there’s a code on the package it came in and on the setup sheet, there is also a code on the bottom of your Bridge device that you can scan when it asks you to “Scan the code on your Bridge.” If you still have issues scanning the code or are unable to find it, you can choose “Setup Without Scanning.”

I don’t have the box or the insert. I don’t see a code on the “bottom”

I’m having a similar issue. I moved into a house with a floodlight camera and the previous owners did not leave the box. They’ve disconnected their account, but I can’t set it up to my account because I have no idea where to find the QR code! I’ve searched the internet… can someone help!!

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IIRC there is a code sticker on the back of the light housing. You’ll have to remove the light to see it.

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We have the same issue! Did you ever get a response from Ring?