Connect Multiple ring accounts to Alexa

I share an Amazon account with my family in another home. We each have separate ring accounts. Is it possible to connect both ring accounts to Alexa? How do I do it?

Good question, @Desplin! It looks like Amazon Alexa has a “households” feature that allows you to connect multiple Amazon accounts to one Alexa, or share an account. Here is Amazon’s article on how to do so.

As for Ring, our help center article shows the steps for linking Ring with your Amazon account, in which the linking is specific to each respective account. At this time, you are only able to use the Ring account chosen to link to your Amazon Alexa device.

Based on this Alexa page, there may be an option to accomplish the use of two accounts but it would be through switching between the two and re-authorizing the respective skill/ account for use.

Feel free to try these use cases out and let us know what you accomplish. If there is a specific feature you would like to see that is not obtaInable through your Ring and Alexa integration, add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile: