Connect external DC bell to Ring Pro

Hello all,

I live in the UK and have a Ring Doorbell Pro. It’s connected via the transformer and has a separate Chime. I want to connect my old doorbell. When I say old I don’t know how old because it was in my house when I moved in more than 20 years ago.

As can be seen in the picture, there is no internal transformer but it accepts a 6V DC current. When the bell is pressed it causes the motor to do a circular motion and that makes the bell make a gorgeous sound. This is slightly different to the ding dong type bells mentioned in this forum.

My question is this. I have seen instructions on this forum on how to connect a 8V ding dong bell using a relay switch.

  1. Can I still use an 8V transformer on this type of ringer?
  2. The fact that this is a circular motion motor, could I still use the relay switch with this?

This is the inside (as a new user I was only allowed one photo in original post)

Hi @HP. I don’t believe this ringer you have here to be compatible with a Ring Pro. I would advise looking at this compatibility list here for an applicable Chime Kit. Since I do not know the specific make/model of the ringer you have, I would not comment on how it would work with your electrical systems. I would suggest contacting a licensed electrician to see if they know this ringer to be compatible, as they may have personal experience with one. I hope this works for you. :slightly_smiling_face: