Connect Door sensor to floodlight lights

It would be useful to have an option to turn on RIng Floodlight lights when opening a door, e.g., a door sensor triggering the lights on Ring Floodlight to come on for xxxx minutes vs. waiting for motion to turn lights on. From a security perspective this would add a lot particularly when leaving the house for late night errands/work.

Agreed - pretty much every RING camera can be linked to ‘trigger’ another camera, light or chime, yet DOOR SENSORS CANNOT TRIGGER ANYTHING other than the alarm itself - why can’t we link the entry door (or back yard) sensor so that when door opens it EITHER TRIGGERS ON A LIGHT or STARTS RECORDING in a NEARBY CAMERA? Is this so a nouveau concept? Likewise, the automation can include turning off the light/recording for XX seconds after sensor is closed.