Confirmation phone number?

So I contacted Ring chat support tonight to make sure I had the correct phone number that Ring would use to call me in case of an incident. The number on Ring’s web site and also in their app is 833-209-2159. I spoke to Kevin Cuerbo, who said that number is incorrect, and then sent me to “Ring Alarm chat” to get the correct number. He said that phone number is the number I’d use to call Ring if I need assistance. After almost exactly 60 minutes with no one responding in chat, I gave up.

Can anyone tell me what the correct phone number that Ring will call on is? I want to put it on my list of “break through” numbers that will wake me up after-hours.

Hey @bek1. The number that you have listed in your post is indeed the correct number! That number will call out to you in regards to your professional monitoring, and you can call that number anytime to get to Ring Alarm directly or our Central Monitoring Station in the event of an emergency. The previous agent may have been confused, as that number is different than our general customer service number here. Hope this helps clear it up for you!

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