Configuration of audio/video recording issues

Unless I have something misconfigured, there seems to me to be a feature issue with the product. {Ring Doorbell Wired} In some States you cannot record someone without their permission so in one of my doorbell locations, I have it configured not to record audio as there are people sitting on the back deck etc… The problem is that when someone actually rings the doorbell the intercom feature does not work! For an authorized user it pops up a message saying they cannot reconfigure the device and for the main user it says the audio is muted do you want to change that setting? (or words to that effect).
It seems to me that the feature of recording to cloud as well as the device being used as intercom is muddled. As a security system it falls down because it cannot handle the privacy aspect as well as be useful in the event someone rings and you wish to hear them talking in reply. Again I started this post saying I may have it misconfigured, but anyone knows of a way to have both features work correctly at the same time, it would be helpful! Thanks

Hi @ringbell. This is correct. If you choose to disable the Audio Recording on your Ring Device, it will not be able to Audio Record or stream. This Help Center article here will show you how to do this.

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