How do you make a complaint during these times

Hey @DWS. What are you needing help with? We are able to take feedback here on the Community and pass it onto the appropriate teams, but if you are needing help with a device or your plans, it may be best to make this follow up with our support team via phone at any of the numbers here. I’m happy to help though, so let me know what it is! :slight_smile:

Hardwired doorbell 2 not charging and seeking a replacement elite POE as tired of battery not holding charge

@DWS I could definitely understand how this would be concerning! For this type of concern that you are having, this is best addressed with our support team via phone here. I would make sure you verify you are calling during hours of support for your area. You can get in touch with a support representative this way so that they can see what options you may have, and if the exchange is possible. In addition, they can troubleshoot with our advanced support team to see if they can help get your current Doorbell back to charging.

I appreciate you reaching out to us first about this concern, and I’m glad I could point you in the right direction. Feel free to come back to this thread and let me know how the support team was able to address this concern. :slight_smile: