Complaint: Poor quality products and customer service too

Hi there,

I own a Video Doorbell 3 Plus (since October 2020) and a Ring Spotlight Pro Wireless (2nd Generation) which replaced a faulty Ring Spotlight Wireless (1st Generation).

The Ring Spotlight Wireless went faulty within 6 months of owning it - just failed to turn on. And in the last 5 months, I’ve had issues with my Doorbell dropping off WiFi, flashing blue and failing to reconnect either randomly after around 3-5 days or more commonly, if someone presses the button.

This is the second product (and the 3rd is relatively new so still time to fail) from Ring that has failed in my short 2.5 years of being a Ring customer.

After following instructions and reset options on the Forums and help without success after several months of annoyance with the Doorbell, I contacted customer care today only to be told that the device is faulty but now out of warranty and so they can only offer a 30% discount on an upgrade.

Anyone else finding the quality of Ring products to be very poor and the customer service available afterwards to be similar? I’ve scanned the forums and it appears that the disconnecting and dropping WiFi on the Doorbell is a common fault so I’m wondering why there was no product recall?

When asked about how do I escalate this as I wasn’t happy with the support on the phone, I was advised that there was no option to and that the customer service rep I was talking to would escalate it with their manager.

Really poor service - am I just unlucky or have others faced the same?