Compatibilty with Kwikset Home Connect 620

Is support for the Kwikset Home Connect 620 planned soon? Right now they connect but basic features are broken and Kwikset really should not be advertising them as Ring compatible.

I purchased three Kwikset 620 locks because it is Kwikset’s newest model that is slated to replace the currently supported 888 and 914 models plus it’s a z-wave 700 device. I really wanted a keypad lock with ten buttons because of Ring Alarm’s asinine 4-digit combination limit (please support at least 6 digit, it’s a really silly limitation). Enrollment of the lock was easy with Ring Alarm finding the device and asking for the barcode but current support for the 620 is limited to just lock and unlock commands, it doesn’t show current lock state, and has no code programming support.

I have several 888s that are 3+ years old and are worn out or dead (some of my doors had poor alignment and overworked the things, now fixed). I wanted to replace my working 888s at my entry doors with the 620s and use the working 888s on less used doors and an outbuilding. I hoped that the 620 locks would just work because Ring Alarm already supports several Kwikset locks and Kwikset’s web page for the 620 had a Ring logo under the supported technologies section (I notice that the logo has changed to a Ring Video Doorbell logo now when it was a generic Ring logo previously; which is curious because I don’t see how that could work without an intermediate z-wave hub).

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Hi @ClintonRH. I don’t have any information to share on the compatibility of the Kwikset 620 Locks, but you can see a list of the Z-Wave locks that are compatible with the Ring Alarm system in our Help Center Article here. You can also add your request for the Kwikset 620 to be compatible via our Feature Request board. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

@Caitlyn_Ring Jumping on this thread rather than starting another - I also have this lock, and asked Kwikset if this lock was compatible with Ring Alarm, which they responded that it is compatible. Since they’re using the Works with Ring branding does that not mean that they are partnered with Ring to ensure product compatibility?

Does the “Works with Ring” branding only mean that the alarm allows it to join the mesh network with no further integration? It makes me feel like I can’t trust the “Works with Ring” branding to accurately determine whether the product actually does work with my alarm or not.

Edit to add:
Feature request board post is here: Ring Feature Request

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Hi @Remedy68. You can find information on our Works With Ring devices in our Help Center Article here. A “Works With Ring” product is a device not manufactured by Ring that can be connected to Ring and used through the Ring app. Basic products can connect to Ring and be controlled through the Ring app. Certified products go through enhanced integration and testing to be sure they work seamlessly with Ring and they may have extra functionality. I hope this information helps answer your questions, and thanks for linking your feature request! :slight_smile:

When are you, Ring, going to be zwave 700 compatible is the question I need an answer for.

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spoke with Kwikset and they say its up to Ring to fully do integrations of 620, ring lists the 910 device as “work with” but they are hard to find as Kwikset has replaced them with the 920. Come on Ring get you act together and get an engineer on it, your owned by Amazon with a ton of money…

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