Compatibility with Bitron Video system

I have a Ring Intercom and I was trying to install it in my system.
My house has two intercoms, one for each level. The first is a Bitron video MV1000:

The secondo is a classic Bitron video intercom, just audio.

They both command the same doors: external + internal. The open door command is single and it opens only the door lastly ringed. If the guest are in the external gate and ring externally, the open door command and intercom acts on the external gate only. Once they move to the internal gate and ring again, the intercom acts on the internal gate door/intercom.

I was able to connect my Ring Intercom to the audio-only intercom using cable 1-2 to A-1 and A-2.
I’m able to receive notification and talk/open the external gate only. If I ring the internal gate, this is not recorded on the Ring device. Also, I can only open the external gate via Ring.
Is there any way to implement a better functioning of the Ring device? Eventually, I can move the Ring to the main Bitron Video where there are more cables.
Thank you!

Hi @Fabio8. Welcome to the Ring Community!
Unfortunately the Ring Intercom will only work on 1 door at a time so whichever one you set up the Intercom too it will function with.
I hope this information helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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