Compatibility with 9V mechanical chimes

I have a Legrand 9V mechanical chime. I’ve connected my ring doorbell gen3 plus and configured the device to use a mechanical chime. When I ring I see the notification on my phone but I don’t hear anything from the mechanical chime. Shall I adapt or configure something? Can ring bell work with 9V chimes?

This is a great question, @XO! For the most part, the chime kit must be digital or mechanical to work with your Video Doorbell. A 9v battery powered chime kit may not be able to operate as intended. Just to be sure, check out the Chime Compatibility lists for your Video Doorbell to see if your chime kit model is listed. If it is not, replacing it with a compatible chime, or even one of our Chime devices, will be a great solution. :slight_smile: