Compatibility Inquiry: Tyco PG9303 Sensors with Ring System

Dear Ring Support Team,

I am considering transitioning to the Ring security system but have an important compatibility question. In my current setup, I have several sensors installed which are labeled as “Tyco PG9303 RES/COM Burg Wireless Contact.” These sensors have been a crucial part of my home security.

Before making the switch, I need to know if these Tyco PG9303 sensors are compatible with the Ring system. If they are not directly compatible, are there any workarounds or additional equipment I could use to integrate them with the Ring system?

Your guidance in this matter would greatly assist me in making an informed decision about transitioning to Ring. I look forward to your advice and any additional recommendations you may have.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @siyavash. Typically, only Ring Sensors are compatible with the Ring Alarm system. If you have a pre-existing wired contact system, you can use the RetroFit Alarm Kit. Let me know if you have additional questions.