I have an Oppo R15 Pro phone with notification settings turned on both the phone and the Ring Doorbell. I do not receive notification on my phone of the doorbell ringing or motion detected. The App displays real time and history. Is there a compatibility issue with Oppo R15 Pro phones and the Ring Doorbell?

Hey @Mike3977. You may need to refresh the allowance of notifications to your phone. For this, I recommend to remove the Ring app from your phone, reboot your phone (turn it off/on) and then reinstall the Ring app. Once you’ve done this and logged in, please make sure to allow all notifications. From there, ding your Doorbell and see if this notification pops up for you!

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Im having the same Issues with my Alatel 3V phone. I did a youtube video with 3 different phones I have put side by side running off WiFi, One is ZTE Blade X Max, One is Alcatel 3V, and last one was a LG Slylo 4. I also Have a Samsung Galaxy Mega that will NOT load the app because its “Not Compatible” with that device. Same with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro. Anyhow, testing the 3 phones, the LG Stylo 4 was the only one that would get notifications from Ring and my other brand Cameras (Zmodo). I determined that Cheaper Generic brand phones wont work properly with getting Notifications.


I too am having the same issues with the ring doorbell app not working with my Alcatel 3v phone. I’ve called tech support and followed their directions by turning my phone off and on, removing the Ring app and reinstalling it, to even going outside to reset my doorbell and it still does not work. They are telling me that it won’t work with older phones, but I beg to differ because this is a brand new phone 2019 model and the ring doorbell works with my older Samsung j7 which is a 2015 model. This is ridiculous. Ring needs to put out an update to allow this app to effectively work with the newer and different models of Android phones. I don’t know what to do at this point, because I can’t check my doorbell when I’m away from home or even when I’m upstairs, because it does not work with my phone. Please help.

Since my last post, I purchased another phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy A50 and the App works well with this phone. It has something to do with the cheaper processer and speed of cheaper phones of why it does not work properly with Camera Apps. Its not just Ring, its other Camera Brands as well. Zmodo is another I use which was not working either. It only works if I open the apps manually, then all the Notifications show up at the same time after i open the App up.

I also Have a Video Posted on YouTube on my channel “ADP” Which shows the 2 phones getting tested with the Ring App.

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