Community program

I am the public information officer for the City of Pekin. I, also, handle the crime free accounts, which are rentals or non-owner occupied residences. The City of Peoria has recently done some advertising and given away free units provided by you to get more of the citizens using RING. We would like to do the same thing. We feel as if this is a huge asset in identifying suspects and solving crimes. We would like to work with you in getting this implemented and advertised to the citizens of the City of Pekin. I would like to talk to someone regarding partnering with you in getting the RING more prominent in the city.

Thank you,

Ofc. Billie

Hi @BillieI! Ring works with different groups to offer community-focused programs as a way to build safer, stronger neighborhoods. We have a special part in our website for this, so please visit our page here in order to get this process started. Thanks again for reaching out! :smiley_cat: