Community Neighbor Highlight - Arkar

Hi neighbors! We’re excited to highlight and introduce to you all a true staple in the Ring Community - @Arkar. We like to showcase very special neighbors who have actively participated in the Community in a positive way and thank them for all their efforts. Whether they’re sharing their experience or starting a new discussion, these neighbors whom we highlight give helpful tips and feedback whenever they can.

@Arkar, thank you for all the support and positive insights you have added to the Community! In addition to giving this neighbor a special shoutout, we have a set of questions for them to answer so you can get to know them better. Check out @Arkar’s answers below to get to know your fellow neighbor a bit better!

  • How did you first hear about Ring?

    • TV commercials
  • How long have you been a Ring neighbor?

    • I believe it was the middle of March this year we started the installs.
  • How many Ring devices do you have?

    • We have 11 in use full time. And a 12th little Inside Stickup cam for…well honestly, to play with more or less. Lol. Actually, I’ve used it several times studying possible locations for wifi strength etc before actually purchasing a new unit.
  • Which Ring device is your favorite and why?

    • Probably the solar powered Spotlight Cam. I guess because once I somewhat figured em out and got confidence in them, I could pretty much put them anywhere. Wifi being the only limitation.
  • On a scale of 1-10, how “smart” is your home?

    • I’m very much old-school. Let’s just say it’s as smart as I want it.
  • What type of smart phone, router, and other integration devices do you use with your Ring devices?

    • I use an iPhone X and my iPad. The wife is on an iPhone 12 I believe. The most important thing in our system is pretty fast internet and the Plume Mesh system. I wound up running six super pods to get reliable wifi to our units. Had to get creative on a couple lol. On an average day our weakest RSSI is like -58. The average being -35 to -45 or so. Most of our initial problems were directly related to poor WiFi signal at a unit. We have a couple like 35’ away from the house. Took some doing but at least now they’re all pretty dependable.
  • Have you had any positive, and/or funny Ring stories? If so, what happened?

    • Well, let’s just say a person can have a pretty strange look on their face when a Spotlight Cam gets them from up in a tree. Squirrel with a flashlight?? And so far the coolest thing would have to be the bear videos.
  • What is your favorite feature about your Ring device?

    • That is hard for me to answer. Seems I learn something new quite often. I’m a tinkerer. I enjoy playing with these things.
  • And for a fun question: What is your favorite dessert?

    • Hmm. Never thought about it. Probably Apple Fritters. Lol.

Thanks again for being an awesome neighbor, Arkar!


@Arkar Enjoyed your answers! What you said about wifi signal is definitely true and new users should pay particular attention to. I found a lot of my problems were solved by experimenting to get the best RSSI signal strength. (Folks, that is found under Device Health.)

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Hello. I haven’t checked in for awhile.
I still feel strongly about the WiFi strength being a major player in all of this. If not THE biggest. When we first got started I struggled with a few issues and finally realized it went back to the WiFi strength. I mentioned before we have some quite a distance from the house. A lot of attention to those finally got them dependable. With the exception of heavy rain etc we rarely have any problems anymore. And some of ours are close to 40’ from the house. Not by choice but just the only place to put them for a couple of areas. One I plan to install a utility pole to get closer just to get a better close up image. Sad to say I’m knowingly stretching a couple beyond recommended guidelines.
But they’re performing pretty good. Which is the reason I e been away awhile. No problems to speak of. Lol.


Thanks Arkar. Glad you are back in the fold here!


Just for fun and I hope I’m not out of line posting this here. This video came from a Plug-in Spotlight camera mounted to the back outside wall of our well house, aimed at an end wall of the house. You can see the house itself is made of solid rock which is a pretty bad WiFi blocker. From the wall of the house which is my ‘target’ to this particular camera is 37 feet. Which I think is about 7 feet beyond ANY recommended distance for motion and well everything.
I mentioned previously that we are running the Plume Mesh system with 7 super pods. On the inside of the wall to the right of the window sits my desk. After playing with this thing for about a week I FINALLY located the sweet spot for a pod which is facing and almost touching our Sheetrock walls. I tried the window only to fail. Seems glass is a horrible wifi blocker itself. Who woulda figured ? Lol. Anyway I was heck bent on getting this one running as this is a very dark area at our home. And I’ve already mentioned the problems we’ve had recently being the reason for all this beefed up security. I was about to give up on it or have some pretty high added expense to add an outdoor repeater or extender. I sort of accidentally found a spot that I got a pretty good reading at that camera. Secured the pod to that spot and so far which has been months it has not failed. Be aware though and I’ve tried. Move it only a few inches in any direction ans I lose the great signal. It’s really baffling. If you have a problem that might be wifi related don’t give up too easy.
Now the video below is one of my ‘test’ runs. Lol. Me and my beagle Maggie make a tour around the house at different times and distances from the cams.
I know these things can be aggravating sometimes. But don’t give up. I’m not trying to give Ring a plug. I have friends with other brands and they have the same problems we have. I believe this stuff will perform within its intended capability but we might have to pay a little closer attention to detail.

Test run 37’ distance.

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Hey @Arkar. That camera looks like it’s working great! Awesome!

Thanks Tom. Yessir besides the occasional spider since the weather got warm it’s been very dependable.
Now I hope again I’m ok to post this here. But here’s another fun one I thought some might enjoy.

Late last night I heard something out on the porch. I’m sitting maybe 15’ or so from the windows facing the porch. I then noticed thru the blinds the spotlight was on.

This is a Solar Spotlight mounted directly into the face of a big flat rock on the house exterior.
Anyway after hearing something and seeing the spotlight has been triggered I picked up my iPad and waited a little while. I’m guessing it’s normal but sometimes during bad weather especially it takes a couple of minutes for the event to get to the cloud and show up in my app.

This kind of stuff is actually kind of fun. Cause ya never know lol .

Anyway I saw it pop up in my app. ‘Motion detected at porch camera 8.’

I hit the play button and was about to laugh myself to death. It was a small bear cub. It had went up the first flight of steps. Turned. And went to the top of the second flight. At that point it was at a height it could literally look right in.

It didn’t waste much time getting out of there. I guess the light and flickering of the TV spooked it. Anyway thought I’d share this one.

Bear Cub on My Porch

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