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Having same issue being “denied” clearly person is trespassing and I cannot appleal I keep getting run around and NO HELP. Why create to post if they will not allow it?

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Hi Neighbor, I’ve had my ring camera for a couple of weeks & like being able to see who is outside. I have 2 Toy poodles Jack & Sammy

Hi there. I’m trying to start a new topic and it’s saying access denied. I can’t switch my wired sensor motion to my new Wi-Fi but I was able to switch my doorbell to the new Wi-Fi just fine. It gets hung up at 95% trying to connect. Then it says to restart the router which I did and there’s nothing to go on from there. Thank you.

Hi @Bethy66.1. We’d love to see some pics of Jack and Sammy!

Why is it so hard….virtually impossible to contact ring with a question???

Hi @user63668. Is that your question, or do you need troubleshooting assistance with a Ring device? Either way, you can select the appropriate topic and create a post describing your concern so we can better assist you.

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This just happened to me today too why tho?

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