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I posted about an incident this weekend where pranksters were ringing, kicking and banging at my door. On 2 separate occasions 12mid and 2am. Then they took a post from the horse trail and jammed my door so when someone comes out it whacks them on the head. This is why we bought this system. Now I’m getting rude comments from neighbors 16 and 17. Laughing at my situation and saying how funny this all is. What can be done about them. How can the ring community help!


That’s unfortunate, and certainly unfunny. We are just now setting everything up, and they recommend contacting Ring, first, for any problems. Maybe they can help!


Sorry to hear about this experience @Mommabear! We do have a team of moderators who ensure all posts follow the Ring Neighbors Community Guidlines. If someone is behaving outside of these guidelines, you are able to flag comments or posts you deem as inappropriate, which will then be sent to our moderation team for a secondary review. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Yes, thank you! I have done that but I see they are continuing to do this. I see it on my notifications but when I click on the actual site I can’t see it. But they do continue, can we find out who they are to contact authorities. They seem suspicious and now they are taunting us.


Keep trying.


I have noticed a lot of posts where some Neighbors are very rude making fun of people for what they posted even though it is within the guidelines of what is appropriate to post. Just because they may not be interested in what someone posted they make very rude comments telling people to quit posting certain things because they’re tired of all the notifications. It really just boggles my mind why they belong to this if they don’t want to be notified of possible criminal activity or suspicious people etc. But even more so is how unneighbourly their comments are. Something needs to be done because this makes people afraid to post because they are worried about the harassment others may inflict upon them.


It’s people rude comments that is the problem. Perhaps the moderators need to pay more attention to the comments being left, taunting or ridiculing people for what they are posting.


Hey neighbors! We are sorry to hear this is occurring and not at all the experience we want for our neighbors. You are able to flag comments or posts you deem as inappropriate, or are not following Ring Neighbors Community Guidelines. Once flagged, the comment or post will disappear from your local feed and will be sent to our moderation team for a secondary review. I’ll, of course, be sharing this feedback with the team as well.


Hello, my family and I are new to the Ring community.


Welcome, @BW57! We hope you find the information you are looking for, which much can be found in our various product-related boards or by searching. Feel free to also post about your experiences, observations, answers, and feedback, as well as share your feature requests with us. Thank you for being the best part of our Community, neighbor!


Thank you

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Did I do something wrong because I have. Only seen this yesterday. I didn’t know there was a forum in the first place? Not sure what the forum. Is for. Sorry if anything was wrong but don’t know why I keep getting posts from here in the first place?

How do I become a moderator?

I am noticing the same problem in my neighborhood postings.

Hey @heretohelp. Moderators are employees of Ring and members of the Ring Community cannot be moderators at this time. Thank you for showing interest in the role! Please note that the Ring Community forum is a bit different as well for the Neighbors app, so if you’re talking about being a moderator for the Neighbors app, you may need to redirect your question elsewhere. If this is in regards to your Neighbor’s app, you can get in contact with the team that manages the feeds at any time by contacting This will get you in touch with our team that monitors the Neighbor’s app, and they can provide more information and answer any follow up questions you have. Please note that they may take 48-72 hours to respond to you via email.

You cant even POST to neighbors app the FIRST time. If you mention AMEND. MENT - the app auto deletes. If you have a PHYSICAL description as NATIONALITY idetification, Neighbors app deletes. This is against 1st Amend. ment rights. I hope Ring disappears and the ACLU takes RING to the cleaners. The Federal US CENSUS uses those exact terms as identifiers and RING treats them like bad words. Totally clueless auto bot moderators. I hate RING. DItch this freaking app and selling my cameras and doorbell. Totally dissatisfied with how they are NOT OPERATING.

Obey the law
You may not use the Ring Community to engage in or support illegal activities. For example, you may not post or share any content that violates copyright, trademark, or other rights of Ring or third parties. We also won’t tolerate any discussion of illegal activities, including (but not limited to) drug use, hacking, or piracy.

I was berated by four men so much I had to call ring to figure out how to block them over a post about a large app known for cybercrime, which I was unaware of and a current victim of. They said I was venting when I listed a litany of facts and wasn’t a victim just playing one. NEWSFLASH. I am still one. I won’t get into details but this is the second time in less than a week I’ve contacted law enforcement. I had private information disclosed via email without my consent to these Cybercriminals. Ring could not tell me who when what even the email was- they asked me to send it to them. Coincidentally, someone made a big mistake sending that to a woman being cyberstalked online and having knowledge of where I live. I felt extremely unsafe. The next day after ring stated I needed a subpeona to find out why this email was sent, they kicked me out of the community, punishing me for exposing lack of uniformity when verifying identities, inability to find an email or explain such an important one sent 3 min earlier, not remembering their own names? It was shocking since that’s what you’d not expect from a tv provider, much Less someone controlling your SAFTEY. Is online SAFTEY less important than physical SAFTEY? The only thing I can think of as to why I was kicked off you platform was because my post warned others about cybercrime occurring - the men said they’d prefer to watch coyotes and fake gun posts. It is cyber security awareness month. A breach of SAFTEY is worse healing emotional trauma when physical damages Often heal on tHeir own in less time. Mazlos hierarchy of needs doesn’t discriminate SAFTEY or privacy. I’d think ring of all companies would support alerting others when this happens beyond its cameras, because that’s reality. Somehow ring sided with neighbor 50,19,32 and 36. They all messaged me 15 minutes after this was over to keep harassing me. The reason I called ring to begin with. Why was I kicked out? Why not men bring a girl to tears telling them to just stop and calling her names? Grown men! You sided with them. Or you retaliated against me for staying releasing personal information without a users consent or knowledge is negligent and furthered the speed of Cybercriminals access to my devices. Please explain! Thank yiu

I am so relieved I’m not the only one whose been bullied here

Hey @Carolinehill. Are you referencing and talking about the Neighbors App? Please know that the Ring Community (this website) and the Neighbors App on your phone are two different platforms. We have different guidelines and policies to abide by, as both platforms are for different reasons. The Neighbors App is used for your local area, and the guidelines for the Neighbors App can be found here. The Ring Community, where you have currently posted, is an open forum to discuss Ring product questions.

I do not recommend talking about your personal experiences on the Ring Community and to instead reach out to our support team for further help in this situation. I know you said you have reached out to support already, but I recommend reaching out to our Neighbors App team directly to clear up this matter.

If you would like more details on issues with your Neighbors App post, you will need to reach out to This will get you in touch with our team that monitors the Neighbor’s app, and they can provide more information on your situation. Please note that they may take 48-72 hours to respond to you via email.

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