Common sense is In very short supply these days

Hello everyone.
Is it just me or is common sense in very short supply these days.
Recently I purchased the ring door chime pro. I was at home when dpd delivered it but instead of ringing the bell they didn’t knock on the door they assumed it was acceptable to open my front porch door and leave the parcel on top of my coat rack. Unbelievable. So they thought tell you what I won’t get engage my brain I’ll open the door at a private residence trespass at my property and leave it in an obvious place a coat rack. It beggars belief. The item could have fallen off and broken.
How do I know the delivery driver wasn’t going to go through Coats and nick any personal items in my porch. I’ll be reporting the driver to dpd. No one has the right to enter my porch whether is door is locked or unlocked. I have a ringdoor bell that’s what it’s there or the delivery driver could have knocked on my door. If I put a sign on my door saying here’s a million pounds the delivery driver would have seen that.
It beggars belief