Comelit Bravo 5701 with video working with Ring Intercom

Comelit Bravo - working successfully with Ring Intercom

Comelit 5705 backplate + 5701 Bravo mono video monitor

Note the 5705 backplate uses traditional wiring: multicore + coax for the video. If you have ‘bus’ wiring (no coax for the video) with a different backplate it’s effectively a different system and my success may not be transferable.

Follow the instructions for the Comelit > 2404W Audio-only handsets which are interchangeable with the 5701 video units.

S-2-3-4-P1 terminals are the same on both types.

To be clear, no video is transmitted to the app. No idea if the hardware could handle this in the future. But the buzzer activation, voice path and door release appear to work.

Anyway maybe this will help someone. Tech support wasn’t helpful and emailed confirming it both was and was not compatible in the same sentence.

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I’ve tried that and it also worked for me! Thanks for sharing.

My Intercom has two rings, one for the building door and another for the apartment door. Did anyone managed to connect more than one buzzer to Ring? If so, can we have a different notification for each?

Hi neighbors. If you need any further assistance with your Ring Intercom, we have these Help Center articles that provide information on the Intercom. You can also reach out to our Intercom support team for assistance.

Hello, I just bought Intercom and installed it on Comelit 5701 + 5714.
connected with B1 and B2 in L and L.
when i press the button at the entrance i hear no welcome sound and finally i get error from the app P16-130.
Only if I lift the handset in the house do I hear the welcome music, but otherwise the voice is not activated in response.
I wrote to support on April 22 but have not yet received a response.

Hi, same problem here with a Comelit 5714 backplate :pensive:
Did you manage to solve? Any feedback from technical support?

no response from tech-support yet

Please, share the picture of the wiring you made. Thanks.

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