Combination Units

Is RING offering SMOKE detectors, CARBON MONOXIDE detectors, or any affiliated products? Home security seems incomplete without these.

Here’s a thought:

It has been difficult to find a combination product including 3 features.

  1. Smoke detector, and

  2. Carbon Monoxide detector, and

  3. a ceiling, or high wall, mounted device with a LIGHT.

Fire safety includes, after an alarm, getting low to the floor and crawling to an exit, however in a moment of panic and a room filled with smoke a person can become disoriented.

It makes sense to include a down-light (not necessarily a strobe) to illuminate an exit.

Can you help?

What do you think?

The First Alert ZCombo works with Ring and includes smoke and CO. Unfortunately it’s not available in a wired version, so a down-light isn’t really feasible. 2 out of 3? I’ve installed 4 of these and have been happy with them.