Cloud video not active

How can my Ring system every now and then meet a problem like this: “Recording Does Not Exist. Sorry, but Cloud Video Recording was not active when this event took place” ? Videos before this and after this are recorded just fine.

I am also confused, that some events are not recognized and recorded at all. Like someone comes to visit, his arrival is recorded but not his leaving. How can this be? Before this and after this videos are recorded just fine.

Hi @Tuula. Regarding a visitor’s arrival being recorded but not his departure, this Help Center Article on optimizing motion detection with Motion Frequency here may be helpful as you may need to adjust some settings for your preference. As for the recording not being viewable, have you checked the RSSI on your Ring Camera? I’d check the RSSI to ensure it shows a strong connection first, and then you can also find troubleshooting tips in our Help Center Article here. Let me know if those links are helpful. :slight_smile:

Thank you, the links you gave me were and were not helpful. Motion Frequency was already on Regularly, and RSSI is what it is in that location. But now I know the facts behind these momentary failures, so I know what one can try to do to eliminate these problems.

Have a nice day!