Chrime Pro Night Light schedule or control with iPhone app

I have seen the Google Ring app which allows time schedule of Chrime Pro Night Light. Why this is not available in iPhone app?

Also, during the winter time in the UK, the daylight is weak so the Night Light is on unnecessarily. Is it possible to control its sensitivity? Failing that, Night Light on only within a time windows, i.e. if it is bright during the time windows, it won’t turn on. This is typically in UK summer time as it is only dark till 9-10pm.

In the Android Ring app, this feature is also not in… Hopefully, this could be implemented in both systems soon.

I have a chime pro 2nd generation with night light. Where mine is located the night light is in all the time during the day even.

Could we add a schedule as imagine this happens a lot in other environments, such as low sun, shadows etc.

So can we get a schedule so it still activates still on ambient light, but only say during the night when I want it on.


I love the night light feature but I’d like to have it on schedule as my corridor have no access to daylight so as a result night light is always on despite the fact it isn’t so dark in there.

I’d love to have additional setting to toggle the night light automatically between some night hours.


Feature Request. Ring Chime Pro Light Schedule.

I have my RingPro in my hallway. There is enough light in the day that I can utilize my hallway but the light is triggered. But at night I want the light on. Instead of manually turning the light on and off each day would be nice if I could set the light to a schedule where it automatically turns on at say 6pm and turn off at 7am as an example. Although would want flexibility to be any time also ability to select specific day even. Shouldn’t be too difficult to integrate into the app even if something like utilize background refresh on the app to have it do it automatically if the RingChime Pro itself can’t store code like that.

We should be able to set a schedule for the night light to turn on and off.

Agreed, I just got a 2nd gen Chime Pro to replace a 1st gen and as it sits in a slightly darker hall way it’s on 24 hours a day.

I did presume there would be an option to set the night light either at specific times or at least dusk till dawn.

Nice to have a schedule option for the night light.

Is there the ability to give the chime pro (2nd gen) the ability to make the light only come on during certain hours?

I would love to see a schedule option for the night light on the chime pro.

Indeed. I believe this has been proposed here before. You can search it out and see what kind of response it got.

Chime pro night light stays on all the time. Seems like a defect. Needs to have option to set it to come on and off at our schedule. And fix the automatic so it’s really automatic.