Chirp when closing door/window

I have just completed the setup of my Ring alarm system and love it. That being said, I am very upset that there is no way to configure the system to chirp when a door or window closes. Any other alarm system I have dealt with has this feature and we rely on it a lot. Please Please Please add this feature. Also, I do like that there is a selection of different tones. A few more would be welcomed as well.

My old ADT alarm system didn’t chirp when a sensor was closed, just opened.

That being said, while you can’t have Ring chirp when a sensor closes, you can turn on per-sensor close alerts, which would send you a push notification. Not the same, I know.


it does do this. - just go into the settings for the sensor and there are options for the different alert types (chimes) you can set. Currently the chimes you can choose are wind chime, harp, navi, ding dong or none.

It only does it when the sensor opens. I would like to see it have a chirp when it closes as well.

You can do this with an Alexa routine