Can I assign different chimes for two doorbells?

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Can I assign different chimes for two doorbells?

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Yes, you can assign a different chime sound (for a Doorbell button push, or for motion detected at that doorbell) that you hear on your Ring App. By listening on your smart-phone, then you could distinguish which doorbell a visitor is at by the sound you’ve assign for that doorbell (on your phone).

If you hardwired your two Ring Doorbells to your house’s interior wall-mounted chime, most have the “Ding-Dong” house chime sound for the front doorbell, and a single “Ding” house chime sound for the rear doorbell . . . and hardwiring your doorbells to the house chime will produce the same “Ding-Dong” or just “Ding” results.

If you intend to go wireless and utilize the Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro devices to hear a sound in your home from the Ring Chime device, you can have your one Ring Video Doorbell linked to one Ring Chime device and have another Ring Video Doorbell linked to a second Ring Chime device. With several sound selections, then “yes”, you can assign and then hear distinguishing different sounds for the two doorbells.

Although you can link more than one Ring camera, or multiple Ring Video Doorbells (like a front and rear doorbell) to a single wireless Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro device, the sound you will hear from the Ring Chime would be the same for the front and rear Video Doorbells and other cameras. Currently, the Ring-Chime does not make a different sound for each Ring camera. So then the answer would be “No” to “assign different chimes for two doorbells” if both Ring Doorbells were both linked to the same Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro.

But you aren’t alone in wanting a single Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro device to have separate tones for different devices linked to one Ring Chime! Ring created an additional forum room called the " Feature Request Board." Ring Owners, “Ring Neighbors”, can write or see what suggestions or new features other Ring Neighbors would like one day to have incorporated. You can give a “Thumbs Up” Kudo if they too want this feature. The Feature Request Board forum is where Ring Team look to see what improvements people might want. And the more “Thumbs Up” Kudo votes they see there will better get their attention, increasing the chances of them providing that request. You should click the related links below and add your Kudo vote (I probably missed a few links). If you like the requesting author’s idea (add your “Thumbs Up” Kudo vote on the left side of the author’s starting post), to help get the attention of the Ring Teams.

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